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South India Tour Packages


Southern part of  India is a treasure trove of wonderful holidays in India vacations offers the best of experiences with the wide range of South India Tour Packages. Comprising of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka, the region is bounded by the Bay of Bengal on the East, Arabian Sea on the West, and the Indian Ocean on the South. Tours to South India is known for scenic beaches, rich religious and cultural heritage, and landscapes.
 Be it the bustling cities of Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi or the quaint towns by the sea, backwaters or the hills, there is much to explore. Be it the ancient ruins of Hampi, Mahabalipuram, and Pattadakal, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites or the temple towns of Trichy, Thrisuur, Madurai, etc. or the scenic Nilgiris of Ooty, the backwaters of Kerala and the charming houseboats, and more. Browse through our South India tour packages, we are very certain that you will find an itinerary that is perfect for you.

Southern part of India is an identical region with distinct culture, which makes it different from the other parts of the country. Every state of South India has its own different identity, involving intricate architectural wonders of temple, historical ruins, beaches, palm fringed canals and hills that will provide a promising trip to South India. During your south India tour, you must visit the well known tourist destinations.
Hampi is one of the top historical destinations of India located in Karnataka. It was once the capital of the greatest Hindu empires- Vijayanagar. It is known for its attractive ruins of 14th century which covers an area of about 25 km. It also has 500 monuments of ancient times. Trip from Goa to Hampi is very popular in India.

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