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Nepal Tour Packages


Nepal, officially Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked country in South Asia. It is located mainly in the Himalayas, but also includes parts of the Indo-Gangetic Plain. With an estimated population of 26.4 million, it is 48th largest country by population and 93rd largest country by area.

Nestled amidst the mighty Himalayas, Nepal is known for its rich culture, traditions and some of the highest mountain peaks in the world that includes Mt. Everest. If in any case, you are thinking of bowled over by the stunning snow-laden mountains, then you must visit Nepal right now. From monasteries, temples, wildlife, stupas, enchanting places to anything and everything that you can imagine, the country has it all.With our collection of the best Nepal tours, you can go to the amazing tourist spots in the country to get the feel of scenic beauty, local culture, traditions and idyllic atmosphere to the fullest. Getting deep insights into the exquisite culture of the place is an eye-opening experience and can be better cherished with a well-planned tour package like the ones offered by us.

The rugged terrain of Nepal has also paved path for various types of adventure tours. One can embark on a number of adventure trips such as mountain hiking, Nepal trekking, mountain cycling, Mountain bike adventure trip and other sports to give you that much-cherished adrenaline rush. You can go for adventure tours to places such as Annapurna base camp, Everest base camp and so on. Nepal tour packages from Delhi as well as Kathmandu and elsewhere will take you to some of the most sacred temples, mighty Himalayan peaks and UNESCO inscribed World Heritage Sites.

Take a break from the hectic schedule and plan your Nepal trip. This tour is designed based on your tastes and preferences. Offering much more than just normal sightseeing, the tour allows you delight in some memorable experiences.The Nepal Bhutan trip further gives you to get a glimpse into the rich culture and heritage. No doubt, Nepal as well as the Himalayan region in Bhutan, Tibet and North East India presents a sight to behold. Besides, the tour also gives you a chance to treat your taste buds to some sizzling momos and other Tibetan delicacies.

With our short and extended Nepal holiday packages, some of which also combines the other Himalayan Kingdom’s such as Tibet and Bhutan, explore the very best of Himalayas. In addition, these iconic places will give you a chance to make your honeymoon even special. These snowy pieces of paradise will urge you to plan a trip often.

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