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Namaste and Greetings

To Be Precise, We Are A Leading India Travel Agency Offering Tailor Made India Tour And Travel Services. Our Aim, Besides Excellent Tour And Travel Services, For Our Guest Is To Give An Opportunity To Participate In Bespoke India Travel Plans.

The Team Of India Vacations Strives For Growth And Focus The Underlying Objective And The Single Minded Goal Remains “Total Customer Satisfaction”. We Aim To Provide Our Clients The Best Value For Their Dollar And Unmatched Service Quality Throughout The Indian Sub-Continent. At India Vacations, Upgrading Of Service Standards Is A Continuous Endeavour, And We Continuously Improve Our Services Against The Finest And The Best In Our Industry.

We Offer A Comprehensive Range Of Holidays In India, Including Cultural, Religious, Adventure, Wildlife, Culinary, Family Oriented, As Well As Sporting Holidays. Services Provided By India Vacations, Include Hotel And Transportation Arrangements, Sightseeing Tours And Excursions, Booking Of Domestic Flights And Train Tickets, Arrangements For Conferences, Conventions, Arranging Special Events Etc. In Addition To India, India Vacations Provides Complete Touring And Accommodation Services Across Nepal, Bhutan And Sri Lanka,Thailand,Burma(Myanmar),Maldives.

India Vacations –The Incredible India!
India’s Colorful Tapestry Shows Numerous Personalities Starting from Spiritual Location to anExotic Honeymoon Destination. Enchanting Nature Has Been Generous With India Endowing It With All Forms Of Landforms From Deserts To Lush Tropical Rainforest. May It Be Snow Or Barren Hot Sand Dune; This Country Has Got Everything Covered In A Kaleidoscopic Mixture Of Culture, Tradition, Rituals, Religions And Sensual Flavors.

If You Are Looking For A Destination That Is Cultural And Traditional With Spiritual Spots, A Country That Can Be Vividly Explained Only As Paradise- India, Has Delightful Attractions, With Great Culture And Most Importantly A Banquet Of All Adventure Activities That One Can Desire. Walk Past The Ancient Monuments, Ride The Camel Safari, Heritage Walk, Food Walk, Indian Traditional Kitchen Classes, If You Desire, Walk A Snow Leopard Or Bengal Tiger From Close Quarters.

Beyond The Grandeur Opulence, India Is Humble And Hospitality-Filled Nature. The Country’s Culture Dictates That Guest Is God. India’s Charm Lies in Locals Who Have Managed to Extend Their Lifestyle to Accommodate the Modernity and the Beauty of Tradition. From Himalayas To The Turquoise Andaman, The Place Is Filled With Handicrafts, Unique Artifacts, Exotic Vegetation And Precious Articles. For Every Shopaholics, Adventure Lover, Solitude Seeker, Party Owl, Backpacker And Luxury Lover, India Transforms Itself As The Best Tropical Paradise In The World.

The Rugged Forts And Ancient Relics Narrates The History Of This Heroic Land. The Sacred City And Spiritual Destinations Symbolizes That Every Religion In The World Can Call India, As Home. Numerous Heritage Sites And Historic Cities Remind Us The Ancient Indians Were Artists By Heart. India Is A Small Portion Of Every Flavor Of Tourism Enjoy The Floating Lake, Visit Historic Buildings, Dive Into The Indian Ocean With Tropical Fishes And Much More.

So Discover Incredible India

India Vacations Team

Why choose us?

  • The Team
    When you choose Trans India Holidays to handle your travel arrangements, you can be assured that your travel will be managed by an experienced professional, with first hand knowledge of the logistics and complexities of travel in the Indian sub-continent.
  • The Network
    When you choose Trans India Holidays to handle your travel arrangements, you can be assured that your travel arrangements will be backed and supported by an infrastructure second to none in India. Our vast network of local representatives and affiliate offices ensures that itineraries of all our clients operate seamlessly. Trans India Holidays also has resident representatives in the UK, Italy and Spain, each of who too, have travelled extensively in India, and thus have an intimate and first hand knowledge of the destination.
  • 24 X 7 Customer Care
    While you are travelling with us, you will have access to our 24 x 7 Customer care hotline.
  • Relationships With Hotels
    Trans India Holidays has excellent working relationships with a large number of hotels spread across India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka and we offer our clients a variety of accommodation, ranging from basic 2 star Hotels and Guest houses, to the finest Luxury hotels. One thing that sets us apart, is the fact that every hotel, or even smaller lodging that we use and recommend, has been personally visited and inspected by a senior member of our staff, so quality standards are carefully monitored, and so are the standards of safety and hygiene.
  • Luxury Transportation
    Trans India Holidays operates it’s own fleet of luxury vehicles almost throughout India. Our fleet of vehicles is driven by English speaking (basic English) Chauffers, all with impeccable credentials and excellent safety records. Our fleet of vehicles is equipped with safety and comfort features at par with western standards, and none of our vehicles are over 3 years old.